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last updated 10 September 2009


About Me
Yours truly.

About This Page
What this web site is all about, and why I started it.

Astronomical Games
An irregular series of essays on all aspects of astronomy,
emphasizing the history and method of science.

Notes from Under Sky
Short articles on any topic, usually but not always (!)
having something to do with astronomy.

The Reference Desk
A small collection of reference information, including a
historical star catalogue, some reviews of telescopes, and
links to other web sites.

The Unofficial C5+ Home Page
Pages about this quality portable scope, manufactured
during the 1990s and ancestor to the popular Celestron
Nexstar 5 series.

The PleiadAtlas Home Page
My own astronomy software for the PalmOS family of
computing devices--the star atlas for the serious
amateur observer.

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