The PleiadAtlas Beta Test Page

last updated 9 February 2005

WELCOME TO the PleiadAtlas Beta Test Page. The current release version of PleiadAtlas is v2.2.1. There is no active beta release version.

Currently on the drawing board is v3.0, which will have the following features:

Plus, feel free to suggest any other additions you're interested in seeing in future versions of PleiadAtlas. All this for the same low price of $10 U.S., and as always, this includes registration of all future updates as well!

Other Software

Here's MarsMap v1.0b3, the first beta version of the planned v1.0 release of MarsMap. This is not sync'd with Akkana Peck's version. It also doesn't use Location Manager, as I'm having problems with that. No documentation as of yet; you'll have to figure out on your own how to use it. It will help if you've used PleiadAtlas before.

Eventually, this program will be open source, but for now, I'm only releasing the binary.

Copyright (c) 2000-2004 Brian Tung